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Aresztowania, rewizje i zatrzymania tybetańskich demonstrantów w Brugii podczas wizyty chińskiego Prezydenta Xi Jinpinga w Belgii są skandaliczne i wymagają wyjaśnienia. Protestujemy przeciwko takim działaniom belgijskich władz i zachęcamy do wysyłania własnych protestów na adres Ambasady Belgii w Polsce: a o całej sprawie piszemy w portalu NaTemat: Wydarzenia rodem z komunistycznych Chin w sercu Europy 

Obok poniżej nasz list do Ambasadora Belgii w Polsce.

His Excellency
Ambassador of Belgium in Poland

Dear Ambassador,

On behalf of the Students for a Free Tibet Poland, we are expressing our deepest concern about the glaring abuse of the basic human rights, including freedom of speech, during the latest visit of the President of the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping, to Belgium. Aggressive searches for Tibetan flags, temporary arrests of activists, and racial profiling of people allowed on the streets in the very heart of Europe are profoundly disturbing and alarming facts.

The situation documented by such international human rights organizations as International Campaign for Tibet and International Federation of Human Rights ( was rather aptly described by a Belgian Police Officer who said that "there was no democracy” in Belgium as “the rules had changed” during the visit of China's head of state and Communist Party. 

As a part of the global movement for Tibet, we are aware of the consequences of such behavior if manifested by one of the "old" democracies in Europe. Such harmful actions can set an extremely dangerous example for mistreating Tibet and human rights activists in other parts of the European Union and in other parts of the world lacking these basic freedoms. Therefore, we are expecting that the situation is explained as soon as possible and that due investigation is undertaken concerning these cases.

Your sincerely,

On behalf of the association,

Maria Strzemieczna, Jagoda Czarnotta
Students for a Free Tibet Poland